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     Q. Why should I hire an editor?

     A.  Editors help authors make their manuscripts more attractive to publishers. Publishers are looking for well-written manuscripts, and they

          reject those with multiple errors. They expect the author to have their manuscript in the best shape possible before submitting it for

          publication. A poorly edited manuscript can interfere with reading, and it shows that the author has not communicated effectively. This could

          be the result of grammatical errors, word choice, syntax, inconsistencies in the point of view, etc.  




     Q.  Why do I need a sample edit performed?

     A.  A sample edit allows me to determine the type of editing your manuscript requires. It will give you the opportunity to see what I can offer.

          You will then be able to decide if you feel comfortable with my editing style.




     Q.  How will you note your recommendations and changes to my manuscript?

     A.  I use MS Word/Track Changes. If desired, I can work from, and provide, a hard (printed) copy of your manuscript.



     Q.   What references will you use to edit my manuscript?

     A.  Depending upon the manuscript, I may use any or all of the following:  The Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition; The Christian

          Writer's Manual of Style; Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition; and Polishing the PUGS. Other reference books may

          be used based on the project, such as those related to specific time periods, genres, etc.




     Q.  Will I retain the rights to my manuscript?


     A.  Yes. I will only perform the editing services for which I am hired.  You retain the rights and control at all  times.




     Q.  Will my manuscript stay true to my style and voice?  

     A.  Yes. I will identify grammatical errors and make suggestions about other types of errors and things you may want to consider revising. I will

           not rewrite anything. It is ultimately your choice to accept or reject the recommendations I make regarding your manuscript.




     Q.  What happens after I decide to hire you as my editor?

     A.  After you review the sample edit, we can discuss what level of editing is required. At that time, I will give you a quote for the project. We will

          also discuss terms of payment. I have a written contract that we will discuss and sign. Both of our obligations will be included in the

          contract. Unless it is requested by you and specified in the contract, no additional costs will be associated with the edit. We will each    

          receive signed copies of the contract. 




     Q.  Can you promise me an error-free manuscript?

     A.  I will do my best to deliver a perfectly edited manuscript. Unfortunately, no one can promise a perfect edit with certainty. 




    Q.  Do you ever refuse to edit manuscripts?

    A.  I reserve the right to refuse to perform an editorial service for any reason. 

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